Too Hot For PBS

Flashback to 1993: Sex sells, but closes on Saturday night. After 14 years of donations to the auction, this is the work that resulted in my ban from the proceedings (as well as receiving higher bids than any of my art in previous years).

I had donated several other erotic watercolors that year, but they were pulled without notifying me. In a rather tense phone call to Mike G*******d the following Monday, he informed me that several viewers had called the auction to complain about the content of my illustrations (despite the fact that the paintings were all presented after 11 PM). This was the same Mike G*******d who had given me a personal tour of the station when I presented the pics to him earlier in the year.

In 1994, the station added a new guideline to its promotional brochure:

That's the way the cookie crumbles!

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